White Wolf Campground – Everything You Need to Know

White Wolf Campground is encircled by the transcending mountains, the Seasonal Creek, and lavish green plants. Lukens Lake and Harden Lake are close by for some stunning landscape and unwinding.

This circular campground is found 1 mile far Tioga Road (Highway 120), around 1 hour from Yosemite Valley and 28 miles from Tuolumne Meadows. The camping area is a mainstream base for climbers who like to investigate the close-by wild regions.

What Should Adventurers of Yosemite Look Forward To in White Wolf

There are numerous wondrous destinations for those outdoors at White Wolf Campground to appreciate just a short drive away. When guests arrive from the White Wolf campground to Yosemite Valley, they can take advantage of the free transport to convey them to practically every one of the most loved attractions in the valley. Adventurers can look forward to the following:

  • Visit the Valley Visitor and Wilderness sites.
  • Grab the opportunity to hike to Mirror Lake with close-up perspectives on Half Dome. 
  • Glacier Point offers breathtaking perspectives on Half Dome and Yosemite Valley. 
  • Drive up to breathtaking Tuolumne Meadows for the afternoon. 
  • Visit Happy Isles with a Nature Center.
  • Take the trails to Vernal and Nevada Falls. 
  • Appreciate simple picturesque paths all around the valley and along the Merced River. 
  • Participate in outdoor adventures such as nature and picturesque strolls, history visits, artistry classes, and kids’ projects.
  • Experience Nature and History Programs. These are generally accessible, some with direct expenses. 

Moreover, travelers can visit other campgrounds aside from the White Wolf campground. The following campsites will offer you different specialties and experiences:

  • Camp 4
  • Upper Pines Campground
  • Lower Pines Campground
  • North Pines Campground
  • Porcupine Flat Campground
  • Yosemite Creek Campground
  • Bridalveil Creek Campground
  • Wawona Campground
  • Tamarack Flat Campground
  • Crane Flat Campground
  • Tuolumne Meadows Campground
  • Hodgdon Meadow Campground

White Wolf Campground: General Information

White Wolf campsite has 74 single-family camping areas. It situates in Yosemite National Park off Highway 120, around one hour north of Yosemite Valley. Camping areas can oblige tents, trailers of up to 27 feet, and RVs of up to 24 feet. 

The White Wolf Resort is additionally close to the campsite. There are assigned camping areas 41-43  for explorers. However, the campground requires a valid license. 

The open and all-around dispersed destinations here mellow the feeling of swarming. There are numerous shielded sites by the shelter of lodgepole and sugar pines, and a few others get direct sun, so you’ll have the option to discover your preference. 

Huge stone rocks likewise help to characterize spaces and add character to the campground. All sites contain fire rings, outdoor tables, and food storage; bathrooms and consumable water stations are also midway. 

White Wolf Campground is situated at 8,000 feet, and it has a moderately short season. For the most part, it is open from July through early September. The little store situated at Crane Flat and the cafe right across the road from the camping area is an incredible asset. They open and close at around a similar time. 

White Wolf Campground Reservations and Checkout Time

The 74 destinations in White Wolf Campground are generally first-come, first-served. The rate is $18 per night. Just like the case with all such campsites in Yosemite National Park, early endeavors meet with the best chances for progress; frequently, the whole camp is full by early afternoon. 

Past campers recommend showing up by 8 or 9 AM to get a camping area at White Wolf Camping area during active seasons. You can check out at noon on the following day.


White Wolf campground has utilities such as a camping area host, campground tables, drinking water, fire rings, fire pit, extra food closet, recycling center, flush restrooms, and equestrian trail.


If you need to buy some of your necessities, you can go to:

  • Yosemite Village Store
  • Yosemite Valley Lodge Store
  • Curry Village Store
  • A small store at Crane Flat

Also, you can use shower services at Curry Village and Housekeeping Camp, located in the Yosemite Valley.


There are assigned accessible sites for individuals with disabilities who have a vehicle showing a notice or tag. For guests who are incidentally crippled or don’t have their parking placard with them, get a transitory bulletin at the passage station or a guest place. Unfortunately, there are no assigned available camping areas at this campsite.


Yosemite National Park will open different campsites, including White Wolf, during the 2021 summer outdoors season, with social distancing measures set up. To avoid problems and enjoy your stay, please obey the following regulations:

  • Store all food and comparative things in bear-proof storage spaces, not in vehicles. 
  • Generators are available from 7 AM to 9 AM, early afternoon to 2 PM, and 5 PM to 7 PM.
  • Wood and charcoal flames are allowed. 
  • The campground permits a limit of six individuals, including youngsters. There are no limits on the total number of tents as long as they all fit into the campground.
  • The campground allows pets in created regions on a wholly cleared trail and streets except for tracks endorsed.
  • Owners should control their pets on a chain not over six feet in length.

White Wolf Backpackers’ Camp

White Wolf Backpackers’ Camp situates at the rear of the White Wolf camping area. The sites are typically open from July through mid-September. These hikers’ campsites are accessible for wilderness permit holders to go through one night before a fantastic excursion. 

Campings are restricted to each night in turn. You don’t have to book reservations. However, the campground asks for a legitimate wild license to remain at the campsite. Backpackers pay $6 per individual, utilizing envelopes at the camping area.

Guests showing up to Yosemite by bike or foot may likewise go through one night in every backpackers’ campsite. Parking isn’t accessible in camping areas. Instead, park at assigned locations stopping territories and strolling to the hikers’ camp.

White Wolf Campground: Recreational Activities

White Wolf fills in as a great base from which to hike to close lakes. Also, it has a lot of recreational activities to offer.

1. Biking

There are more than 12 miles of cleared bicycle ways are accessible in Yosemite Valley. Likewise, bicyclists can ride on regular streets. Mountain trekking, off-trail riding, and utilization of mechanized bikes or scooters on bicycle paths are not allowed in the recreation center.

2. Hiking

Yosemite has a mind-boggling measure of goodness to bring to the table the explorer. Remarkably, the Half Dome offers an excellent yet challenging hiking experience. Today, thousands of hikers arrive at the peak every year. Subsequently, a grant is needed to access this lovely parcel of land.

3. Climbing

From the Merced Waterway Gully’s supported climbs to squeezing precious stones on sun-doused Tuolumne Glades vaults to multi-day help jumps on the large dividers of the Valley, moving in Yosemite is epic. 

4. Wildlife Viewing

In Yosemite Valley, home to the wild bear and mule deer, guests should look for species that rely on natural surroundings. Creatures come to benefit from the green grasses and utilize the streaming and standing water found in numerous glades.

5. Fishing

All reservoirs and lakes are available for fishing year-round. If fly fishing is your thing, at that point, you are very fortunate! Fly fishing in Yosemite is the stuff that dreams are made of. You can catch trout such as Rainbow trout, Brown trout, Stocked trout, Brook trout, and many more.

6. Rafting

A favorite activity of many visitors is rafting along the Merced River. It is an excellent method to make a great deal of progress in a brief period. It is very unwinding. Another incredible alternative is to kayak the tranquil waters of Tenaya Lake.

Other outdoor activities at the campsite include picnicking, photography, mountain trekking, bird watching, historic sites escapade, winter sports, and stargazing.

White Wolf Campground Staff, Campground, and Facilities

On higher grounds, the White Wolf campground is a super spot for hikes and a day lay on a long trip. If you need to move away from every one of the vacationers in the recreation center, this is the spot. 

All spots are under high pine trees. For past campers, the staff and people are friendly. There is an excellent clarification of the hikes and a fantastic lake close by, taking 4.6 miles roundtrip. They appreciated being in nature.

There are drinkable running water and flush toilets in every one of the three restrooms. The more significant part of the camping areas are private and of decent size. A couple is near one another, like sites 8, 9, 10. However, those are incredible for group camping and a family that wishes to camp near one another. 

Final Thoughts

If you plan to visit the Yosemite National Park, the White Wolf campground is one of the most comfortable places to rest and unwind. Aside from the calm it offers, you can also enjoy thrilling outdoor activities like hiking and fishing. Pack your bags and prepare to be amazed at what the White Wolf Campground, Yosemite National Park has to offer.

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