What Is The Best Bait For California Halibut

Whether you are an avid halibut fisherman, like myself. Or you’re just learning how to fish for halibut. You may be wondering what is the best bait to catch halibut? Well I’ve done the research, and I have asked around to numerous Charters and tackle shops and this is what I have found.  The best … Read more

What Is The Best Month For Halibut Fishing In California?

As an avid saltwater fisherman located here in the San Francisco Bay Area I have always wondered when is the best time to catch halibut throughout California. So I called the experts, the fishing charters and tackle shops throughout California to find out.  The best month to fish for Halibut in California is July although … Read more

The Best Spinners To Use For Steelhead Trout In 2022

The Best Spinners To Use For Steelhead Trout In 2022 You might be wondering what a Steelhead Trout is. Well, Steelhead belongs to rainbow trout species that wander in the ocean as young fishes. They spawn into adult fishes once they return to the freshwater. Unlike salmon or other trout species, they are not talked … Read more

Is Hiking Half Dome scary?

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How to Fish Spinners for Steelhead Trout

How to Fish Spinners for Steelhead Trout Steelheads are one of the favorite targets of anglers because they can grow huge and are delicious to eat, and anglers everywhere prefer big catches that are easy to locate. Most expert anglers prefer to catch these creatures using spinners because of their distinct lure presentation. Now, you … Read more

How Much Will It Cost to Climb Half Dome?

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How Far Is Mariposa from the Entrance to Yosemite?

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What Color Jigs Are Best For Steelheads?

Anglers frequently inquire, “What color jigs are best for steelheads?” Always start with natural tones when choosing jig colors! Jig fishing also necessitates careful rod selection, but that’s already a different story. When choosing a jig color, the time and light conditions are critical. And depending on the species you’re after, like the steelhead, these … Read more

Can You Sleep in Yosemite National Park?

So, can you sleep in Yosemite National Park? Yes, You absolutely can sleep in Yosemite. Sleeping in Yosemite National Park is a unique experience that should not be missed! There are many different ways to sleep in Yosemite, from camping and backpacking to staying in a hotel or lodge. We have all the details you … Read more