What Is the Vernal Falls Fitbit Challenge

If you’re the person who seeks something to do each day, then you must have already heard of the Fitbit challenge. It’s a mobile app launched in 2016 to let users know that each step they make takes them to places. It could be a walk around the neighborhood. Or an exciting journey through the Yosemite National Park

The Fitbit Adventure is a life-like challenge in the mobile app. It motivates you to do more activities daily. Also, allows you to virtually explore iconic and scenic destinations. Go over places such as the Yosemite Vernal Falls. Take a total of 15000 steps anywhere and still feel as if the falls are right in front of you. 

Do you feel thrilled about the Fitbit challenge? Take the Vernal Falls Fitbit challenge, and we’ll journey with you through it. Read through to know more about the landmarks, trail badges and treasures. Plus the benefits you can gain in this challenge!

Take a quick glimpse of the Vernal Falls Fitbit challenge. Watch this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H72lTTYnxOY

Setting Up Your Fitbit Account

If you don’t have a Fitbit account yet, setting up is an easy task. Before anything, ensure that the app is compatible with your device. On a good note, it works well on devices with operating systems like Apple IOS 13 or Android OS 8.0, at least. 

If your device meets this criterion, you can start downloading the application. Turn Bluetooth on and ensure that your device has at least a 50% battery charge. Turn on your watch or tracker to connect it with the app on your device. 

In your app, tap your profile picture to manage your account settings. Tap “Set Up a Device” and proceed to follow the app instructions. After a successful setup, you start setting fitness and health goals. What’s more, you can track your daily activities and sleeping patterns!

Begin Your Vernal Falls Fitbit Adventure

Fitbit doesn’t only keep track of your fitness goals. The app also takes you to see many breathtaking places. Just walk around your neighborhood. You can already witness the 317-foot Vernal Falls. What’s more thrilling is that you can do a solo adventure or take the adventure races.

Solo Adventure

This challenge is a personal one in which your only goal is to finish it. It is a non-competitive activity. Besides, it challenges you to take the path to Vernal Falls like real-life steps. As you move forward, you arrive at a pre-set route and discover landmarks. Collect treasures along the way until you reach the end!

Adventure Races

Like the Solo Adventure, this challenge takes you to the Vernal Falls with each step you take. You can discover landmarks and gain treasures along the way. But the exciting twist is you have to be competitive! You can invite up to 30 friends to race you, and the first to reach the peak wins the challenge. 

In-app messaging will let you motivate or challenge your buddies. You can track their progress through synced maps and motivate yourself to win this race!

About the Vernal Falls Adventure

One of the daily destinations in the Fitbit Adventure is the 15,000 steps. Visit the Vernal Falls in Yosemite National Park virtually. Before you’re allowed to take this trail, Fitbit calculates your average daily steps. From there, it will give you a daily destination. If you succeed, you’ll increase your overall average daily step. And you can take more challenging loops.

Scenic Landmarks 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are restricted from visiting the world’s wonders. But, we can still resort to Fitbit Adventures that will take us to these places. To give you a glance at what lies ahead of the Vernal Falls Adventure, the Happy Isles Bridge awaits. However, we will not spoil more so that you will find the urge to discover it for yourself. 

Chris Burkard was the person behind these amazing panoramic photos. He played a huge role in building a virtual-reality world tour of awesome places, like the Vernal Falls. From the stunning peaks to amazing vistas, Landmarks are areas along each trail that are opened. Unlock them as you progress toward your goal. 

Whenever you’ve arrived at a Landmark, you’ll be entranced by the remarkable sights. Each brings out lovely panoramic pictures. And every photo progressively changes as you pivot your mobile phone. It allows you for all purposes to appreciate the moment like how you would if you were truly there.


As you go along your way to the Vernal Falls, you will come across treasures. These treasures are in the form of “fun tokens of wisdom and motivation.” Particularly, the Vernal Falls Adventure has 9 treasures to collect. If you can rack up all these treasures, you’ll earn a badge. 

Trail Badge 

Regardless of how many days you take to finish the challenge, you can still achieve the trail badge. Hence, you don’t always have to push yourself to the limits every day. As long as you’re still on track with your daily step goal, you can take a rest once in a while.

Notable Places in the Vernal Falls

In real life, the Vernal Falls have a lot of scenic views to exhibit. Most hikers take the John Muir trail to reach the peak of this waterfall. The trail is strenuous, with an elevation gain of 1000 feet. If you hike this trail, it will take you roughly 3 hours to travel a distance of 3.4 kilometers via the Mist Trail. 

Through the Fitbit Adventure, you only have to walk 15,000 steps. And you will possibly see these spectacular views:

Happy Isles

This place is the starting point before reaching Vernal Falls. It is a couple of islands in the Merced River, which people generally consider a tranquil place. You have been informed above that you will witness landmarks while taking the Vernal Falls Fitbit challenge. So, keep walking to see more!

Merced River 

The Merced River is a perfect place for recreational activities. Such as swimming, fishing, hiking, rafting, camping, and many more. Also, it is a historical place where many native American tribes have stayed. And where they built a civilization. You’ll not know right away if it’s one of the landmarks in the Fitbit challenge. But it would be good if you’ll discover it for yourself. 

Vernal Fall Footbridge

This place gives you the first sight of the Vernal Falls. What’s more, you’ll be amazed by the calming sight of the upstream and downstream rivers. Again, we can’t assure you that you’ll see this place in the Fitbit app, but you can add it to your list of expectations!

Illilouette Falls 

Illilouette falls is one of the best waterfall hikes in Yosemite. It is situated in a small canyon. That gashes directly from the Vernal Falls through the south wall of the Yosemite Valley. We hope that you’ll witness this as you take the Fitbit challenge.

Other Yosemite Trails Fitbit Adventure

If you succeed in reaching the peak of the Vernal Falls, you can take more challenging trails! In these adventures, you will still discover treasures and earn badges. As of now, these Yosemite trails are:

Valley Loop

The Valley Loop Fitbit Adventure challenges you to make at least 24000 steps to earn the badge. In actual hikes, hikers travel a total distance of 18.5 kilometers for 5 to 7 hours. It is a moderately difficult loop that starts at the fantastic Lower Yosemite Fall.

By taking this Fitbit challenge, you may witness breathtaking sights of the Yosemite Valley, Merced River, Three Brothers rock formation, and El Capitan. 

Pohono Trail

Among the three Yosemite trails in the Fitbit, the Pohono trail is the most challenging, with a 42,000-step goal. It is a 21-kilometer trail with a total elevation gain of 3,700 feet. This trail is only accessible when Glacier Point is open.

Now, you don’t have to worry if it is accessible because all you need to do is grab the challenge. By doing so, you will be rewarded with amazing views of Glacier Point, Taft Point, Sentinel Dome, and many more!

Final Thoughts

The pandemic should not stop you from having an active and healthy lifestyle. Also, It should not keep you from seeing the world’s greatest wonders. The best way to do this is by joining the Fitbit challenges. Follow the simple steps above to set up an account. Set your goals and start walking. From there, Fitbit will compute your daily average steps and give you a destination. 

The first and easiest destination is the Vernal Falls Fitbit Adventure. As you take each step until you reach the 15000-step goals, you can collect treasures, see landmarks, and earn a trail badge. Not only will you achieve a healthy lifestyle, but you will also see what Yosemite Vernal Falls has to offer. 

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