Do Lures Work on Rainbow Trout?

Are you getting nowhere with rainbow trout fishing? Did you think of using lures to catch rainbow trout but remain doubtful if these will work? Rainbow trout are among the popular and highly anticipated trout species. They are easy to catch if you know the proper technique and use the right tools. 

So, do lures work on rainbow trout? Most anglers use lures to catch rainbow trout successfully. There are many types of lures you can use; each type will work for a particular situation. Learning the correct type of lure will help you catch more trout than ever before. 

Most rainbow trout are found in clear water, while some remain in stained waters. Using the right lure will catch large rainbow trout in different waters. Lures can be spinners, jigs, spoons, and small plugs. You can use all these lures in lakes and rivers and maybe cast and trolled with ease. But before you use just any type, get to know each of these for the best results. Let’s find out more about rainbow trout lures. 

What Color Lures Do Trout Like?

Like most game fish, trout prefer brightly-colored lures and those that match the color of their natural food. The best colors are pink, yellow, red, orange and green. Besides, trout are also in gold, silver, brown, and white. Picking colorful lures can increase your chances of catching larger rainbow trout. 

Aside from color, it helps if you also consider other factors like the lure size, presentation, and natural elements. Note rainbow trout’s seasonal behaviors. Even the time of day that they are out looking for food. It also helps you to check out the weather, temperature, and air pressure. All these can affect trout fishing success. 

The trout’s natural foraging area and water clarity and the light amount that penetrates the water matters too. These factors will give you a clearer idea of the right lure color to use.

  • Trout’s foraging area – “match the hatch” is a common fishing term. This means you must find what trout are feeding in the area and match it with its lure. 
  • The clarity of the water – is the water clear or cloudy? For clear waters, choose red or orange as these are easier to see even in low light. For dark and muddy waters, use green, yellow, white, or black. These can stand out even with the poor water conditions. 
  • Light conditions – deeper waters have low lighting conditions. So it’s best to use darker lures like blue, green, black, or violet. 

Meanwhile, in areas with a good amount of sun, metallic colors are best. Especially those that look like trout forage. Choose gold, silver, or copper as these flash as they capture light. Trout are used to this kind of flash when sunlight reflects from the fish’s scales.

What Lures Work Best for Trout?

Rainbow trout lures are classified into spoons, spinners, plugs, and jigs. Here are the most popular ones of each type: 

The Best Spinners

Spinners are available in different colors and sizes. It comes with a blade that moves along a shaft to create vibrations in the water. Spinners come with a hook with fancy dressing. 

Skilled anglers use spinners as these are easy to use and can be trolled seamlessly over the water. You’ll get the best results if you use spinners in rivers and streams. The water’s currents will keep the small blade moving and the lure moving as well. Just cast it across the water at about 90 degrees from the current. 

  • Wordens Roostertail Spinner – roostertails are available in many sizes and colors and have a single hook. It complies with local regulations. Most anglers use the Wordens Roostertail in streams and rivers. 
  • Mepps Aglia Spinner – this is a classic spinner with many different colors and sizes. 
  • Panther Martin Spinner is a heavier spinner and is more compact, perfect for deeper waters. You’ll find lots of anglers using this spinner in streams and rivers. 
  • Blue Fox Spinner – this spinner has a distinct vibration. It is compact and heavier, which makes it great for deeper lakes. The Blue Fox is one of the most popular lures for rainbow trout that’s very effective for stream fishing.

The Best Spoons

This type of lure is like a small spoon, a curved metal piece with a small hook. Spoons are effective and are best for streams and lakes. Large spoons are used in deep lakes to catch prize-winning rainbow trout.

Spoons can attract trout even from a distance because it puts out a lot of vibration. You’ll find spoons in different colors and sizes. These are available in different finishes, with gold and silver spoons the most popular. 

  • Kastmaster Spoon – this is heavy, dense, and compact, which is why it’s used in deep lakes and rivers. This spoon can catch any fish, from small to champion-sized trout.
  • Acme Phoebe Spoon – this spoon is for smaller streams. It has a fluttering motion and is mostly in silver and gold. This lure has a hydrodynamic shape which captures the interest of almost all predator fish. 

The Best Jigs

Jigs are the best for rainbow trout. These move like baitfish as well as crustaceans that large rainbow trout love to eat. Anglers prefer to use jigs with grub, especially when fishing in deeper waters like lakes. 

  • Mister Twister Grub – this is made of very soft plastic and thus looks lifelike underwater. You can partner with a Mister Twister Grub with almost any kind of lure and get the best results all the time.
  • Gulp Alive Minnows – this is a scented lure that attracts trout from afar. Just like the Mister Twister Grub, you can hook this up with other lures. You can create an efficient, fool-proof bait for large trout. 

The Best Plugs

Plugs look like small injured fish used as baits. Likewise, this lure type attracts large trout. These look for bigger meals like minnows and other baitfish. Plugs remain on the surface and then move down when it’s time to retrieve them. 

When using plugs, make sure that these are the same size as available forage. Plugs produce the best results in streams and rivers. While deeper versions are preferred in lakes. 

  • Rebel Wee Craw – known for catching huge bass. This lure is also effective in angling large rainbow trout. More so, it moves like a claw-tucked crustacean. It has a distinct wobbling motion that trout will find very irresistible. 
  • Rapala X-Rap Xtreme Action Slashbait – this lure is best for rivers, lakes, and streams. You can also use it for casting or trolling. You can use the Slashbait any season, even when fishing during the cold winter months.
  • Original Floating Minnow from Rapala – effective, works well on lakes and streams. Besides, this is available in many colors and different sizes. It is the go-to lure for almost all game fish.
  • Flatfish – place this plug through the current. Watch it vibrate and catch trout easily. It has a flat-nosed shape, with detachable hooks that move like natural baitfish. Flatfish lures are available in different designs, colors, and sizes. 

What are the Best Trout Lures for Ponds and Lakes?

Using spoons and spinners in open water is recommended. These are simple to use and are very easy to retrieve. Some anglers get great results using crankbaits and small plastics as these match the behavior of local trout food. 

To use spinners and spoons, retrieve your lure at an even but steady motion to look like local baitfish or food. You may add a tiny piece of salmon egg or a minnow head if you’re not catching any fish.

When using crankbaits and plastic baits, snap the line during retrieve to mimic a wounded minnow. Add a jig and grub while practicing on different retrieves. 

What are the Best Trout Lures for Streams and Rivers?

According to Fishing Scout Life, moving water, spinners, jerkbaits, and swimbaits that look like minnows will work best for rainbow trout. Anything that imitates crawfish and minnows will undoubtedly attract all predator fish. 

Trout found in moving water love small bait fish that live in rivers but will not hesitate to eat insects such as dragonflies and grasshoppers. 

Recap/Final Thought

Rainbow trout fishing is very satisfying and maybe easier than other gamefish. To get great results, you need the right tools and the best lures and baits. Lures work with rainbow trout, but you must use the correct ones for massive success. 

If you’re fishing still, open water, spinners and spoons work like magic. Meanwhile, streams and river trout love swimbaits and spinners. Still, it’s always best to follow the appearance and movement of local trout food to catch larger fish. Finally, learn different casting and luring techniques to catch trout and all kinds of gamefish. 

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