Is it worth it to hike Half Dome?

The Half Dome hike has been one of Yosemite’s toughest and most unforgettable treks. You’ll get to stroll on some of Yosemite’s best trekking paths, see the Vernal and Nevada Falls, and walk through a shady Sequoia grove on this journey.  So, is it worth it to hike in Half Dome? Read on to find … Read more

Can you Hike Half Dome by yourself?

Can you Hike Half Dome by yourself? Hiking can be one of the toughest and most rewarding outdoor activities you can do. With the different land formations, some hikes will be easier, while others might require the extra effort to push through. Contemplating whether you can handle the difficulty of the height is a good … Read more

The 2022 Half Dome Hike Guide: Tips For Hiking Half Dome

Hiking is fun, but the experience is better at Half Dome Yosemite National Park. Considered as a Yosemite icon, Half Dome makes a great challenging experience for many hikers. Here’s why–hikers pass notable falls, climb through tall sequoias, and afterward pull themselves up steel links to remain at the culmination. The experience is not only … Read more