Is Mariposa a Good Place to Stay When Visiting Yosemite?

Mariposa Country boasts the gold county’s booming green pastures bordered with wildflowers to the Yosemite National Park’s gushing waterfalls. This makes the area one of California’s best destinations. The country’s melting snow can bring a new start to Mariposa as the waterfalls fill the rivers. This opens up opportunities in whitewater rafting

You can have the best hikes in Mariposa, such as Hit Cove, which leads to California Poppies and wildflower droves. Mariposa Country is a magical place. Its flourishing year starts every spring. So, start planning your trip!

Mariposa is a Worthwhile Place to Stay when Visiting Yosemite

Holidays give way for friends and family to come together, enjoy quality time, and exchange gifts. Here are reasons why you should go to Mariposa for a “staycation” for the upcoming special days!

No more stress from hosting

Every second counts when families get together for a long weekend. In addition to cooking and shopping, it takes time to prepare the place for the guests. In Mariposa County, there are lots of available rental homes. Everything is organized, clean, and prepared. So, this leaves you more time for things you have to do like relaxing inside or appreciating the outdoors.

Accommodate everyone

It can get tight when including everyone for the holidays. If you don’t have space, vacation rentals large enough for the family are the answer. Mariposa County houses over 600 vacation rentals that range from 2 people to a large family getting together. You are sure to find the best place for your family with these various options!

Bring your pets

It can be inconvenient to leave your pets behind when visiting the family. There’s no need to worry because several rentals are pet-friendly so that they can join your festivities.

Feel the holiday romance in a mountain town

Mariposa becomes vibrant and alive during the holiday season and long weekends. This gives a way to feel the spirit of starting the holiday by seeing live music, shopping on Main Street, sampling local beers, and checking out the celebrations. 

Countless rental options

Several people have been visiting Yosemite. Every vacation rental is within reach of the park. This gives you more time to wander around instead of traveling back and forth from where you are staying. Also, vacation rentals here are increasing, so you will have plenty of options. 

Mariposa is an Attractive Place to Stay near Yosemite

Mariposa is surrounded by the Merced River, making it an ideal destination to get to know the locals! The river is the main hive of area activities. So, ensure that you check out the ongoing ones. During summer, you will witness some art stalls and interesting markets around the town’s center. 

It has affordable accommodation, and it’s a short drive to Yosemite’s entrance. Also, visiting Mariposa will let you see its charm the minute you set foot in town! Mariposa is the people’s creative haven, lying outside the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

How close is Mariposa to Yosemite?

Here are quick answers to know how close Mariposa is to Yosemite without making any stops. It can be by car, private jet, or plane.

Driving from Mariposa to Yosemite

It can take 1 hour and 42 minutes to drive from Mariposa to Yosemite. The distance will be 106 kilometers or 66 miles. So, it’s recommended to have a stopover along the way.

Flying from Mariposa to Yosemite

You can get from Mariposa to Yosemite fastest with a private plane or jet. The distances of the “great circle” or “crow’s path” are the shortest because of the Earth’s curvature. Your flight distance will be 54 kilometers or 33 miles with a flying time of 34 minutes.

If you take a commercial flight, there are several things you need to include in your time. First is your travel time to the local airport. Second is the waiting time for security and boarding. The third is landing at the destination’s airport.

Is it better to stay in Mariposa or Oakhurst?

Mariposa and Oakhurst have lots to offer regarding the scenery, accommodations, and establishments. Here are more information to help you decide which one is the better place to stay.


Mariposa can make the better choice if you want to spend your time in the waterfalls. If you want to explore the high country that may not be accessible because of snow, Mariposa is closer to Groveland. Lastly, you can enjoy a walking tour of the Old West Era Town. 

The town is home to many shops, bars, and restaurants that are all within walking distance from your hotel. Also, most of the accommodation choices are motel-style hotels and country-style inns. Some have outdoor pools that are great for summer.


You can enjoy the view of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Oakhurst. It lies in the Sierra Nevada’s mountain range’s foothills. So, that is about 16 miles to the Yosemite National Park’s south entrance. The neighborhood of Oakhurst has many great places to drink and eat. Southgate Brewing Company, Idle Hour Winery, and Oakhurst Spirits are noteworthy.

Which is closer to Yosemite, Mariposa, or Oakhurst?

Between Mariposa and Oakhurst, it depends on where you will be coming from. If you come from San Francisco, Mariposa is the answer. Meanwhile, Oakhurst is the answer if you are coming from Los Angeles.


Oakhurst is technically the one closer to the park. It is less than half an hour to the gates of Yosemite, although it will be at the southern entrance. Also, this gives the easiest access to Giant Sequoia’s Wawona Grove and Wawona Town. Another 45 minutes is needed for mountain driving to get to Yosemite Valley.


Mariposa is an hour apart from the park’s entrance. However, the entrance is situated at the valley’s mouth so that you will be right there. You will also get closer to the Tuolumne Meadows mouth. Driving will be less mountainous if coming from Mariposa. 

Is Mariposa Grove worth visiting?

Mariposa Grove is worth visiting if you are up for a hike to the upper grove. This grove is Yosemite’s largest sequoia grove and houses over 500 mature giant sequoias. However, it is popular among visitors, so it can be crowded. 

Accessing the grove is 4 miles of roundtrip hike with an elevation change of 500 feet. You can expect a snowy hike during winter. Remember to bring water to your hike because there is no available drinking water in the area. However, the Mariposa Grove Welcome Plaza in the nearby South Entrance has drinking water and flush toilets.  

What can you see in Mariposa Grove?

There are many other things to see in Mariposa aside from the stunning sequoia that are the most massive trees in the world.

The Grizzly Giant

The Grizzly Giant is one of Mariposa Grove’s largest trees, about 1800 years old. It has one branch larger than all non-sequoia trees in the grove. In addition, the fire scars on the trunk’s base serve as a shade for mule deers during summer.

Fallen Monarch

This is one of the trees you will see upon entering Mariposa Grove. It toppled a long time ago, but the root system’s giant halo is still visible due to the wood’s tannic acid. Also, it is being preserved, so it is not recommended to climb it.

Faithful Couple

This tree is half a mile past the Grizzly Giant. However, not many people see this because most turn around after visiting the California Tunnel Tree. It has a joined pair of trees that grew so close that their trunks fused at the base.

Telescope tree

This tree is proof that sequoias can survive. The tree’s entire center is gone, so you can walk inside the trunk and see the sky through its center.

Refresh Your Spirit in Mariposa

Mariposa is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax, take in the natural wonders, or a heart-racing adventure, this place has something for everyone.

Come and explore everything this location offers – from its rich history dating back centuries to its modern amenities and attractions. You won’t be disappointed!

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